Full name

Kevin Harrington


Strategy Director


New York, NY


One time a woman gave birth 15 feet away from me on a research trip for Pampers.

You just don’t come home with those kinds of stories in finance. Nor can you say things like:

I’m essentially an expert on the sexual promiscuity of Australian housecats.

I helped trick Kylie Jenner into posting an instagram of our cereal brand for free.


An insight I wrote about marshmallows ended up on the news.

Advertising is weird. But it’s a great kind of weird that keeps every day interesting, and I love it for each and every one of its eccentricities.

I started off working in the NYC ad game, but then spent a few years abroad working with Saatchi & Saatchi in Australia & NZ. Now I'm back in NYC working with Johannes Leonardo - Adweek’s 2019 Breakthrough Agency of the Year - on adidas Originals and Danone.

I’m a strategic planner - which means I deal with the brand positioning, cultural insight, creative inspiration & human understanding that goes into each one of our brands and ads.

Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky enough to get to work with amazingly talented people on some of the globe’s most iconic brands. Many of these brands – adidas, Hershey’s, Heineken, Duracell, Cheerios, Volkswagen and Pampers – underwent some pretty major strategic shifts during my time on them, and consequently I’ve gotten to play a proud and passionate role in a lot of really exciting campaigns.

I’ve been a truly integrated planner every step of the way, working on idea led campaigns across TV, OLV, social, digital, mobile, OOH, experiential and print, with partners including the NFL, NCAA, the Olympics & National Rugby League. I’ve even helped lure some Cannes, Effie, D&AD, One Show and more importantly new business wins along the way.

I’m obsessed with what I get to do each day, and feel beyond lucky to have landed in this industry. I love the pace, the creativity, the variety, the people – but most of all the bizarre stories that come out of our day-to-day. If you have any questions (or concerns) about the context of any of mine, drop me a line on my contact page. I swear there's a decent explanation for the whole housecat thing.