As a kid, I dreamed about a marshmallow-only box of Lucky Charms.

As an adult, I wrote a proactive brief, flew to Minneapolis, and convinced a group of General Mills execs why there was firm reasoning that we should actually make it happen.

GMI bought it, and I hit the ground running, quickly becoming the guy at the agency who wouldn’t shut up about marshmallows.

Based around the insight that marshmallow-only LC is the “unicorn of the cereal world”, we brought to life a campaign that turned this elusive fantasy into a sought after reality. Our hypothesis was that its mere existence (in the form of 10 exclusive boxes) would ignite a storm of millennial passion for the brand.

The announcement caught fire, fast, and was picked up by nearly every major news outlet – from Forbes to Time to CNBC – and the social realm followed suit. The insight from my original brief was even quoted in a lot of the news coverage, which was exciting to see.

Beyond the PR craze and a massive lift in social followings, the hype was paired with an immediate increase in Lucky Charms sales, proving that a limited budget (and a lot of marshmallows) can go a long way.

Lucky Charms

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