When the ask arose for a big, new brand idea for Pampers, we decided to look outside the mommy-sphere, and instead interview the full range of people who played a role in babies’ lives. We traveled from living rooms to day cares to maternity wards, conducting interviews with dads, moms, nannies, grandparents, siblings & nurses, with the sole intention of learning something new about the all-amazing babysphere.

We put together a book of insights to detail our findings, which was given to our clients and creative teams to help inspire a fresh big idea. The resulting #betterforbaby social campaign and video garnered over 17 million views and was sparked by one of our book’s core insights:

Although babies may look small and defenseless, they are the most powerful agents of change in this world.


Saatchi & Saatchi NY
2 Bronze LIA, 2016 One Show Silver Pencil