Merging the action-packed world of the NFL with something that tends to live in the “junk drawer” can be tough.

After 1-on-1 interviews with 25 NFL enthusiasts, we landed on an observation that fans tend to gravitate towards content that tells them something new about the game they already know so well.

So, we dug around the NFL for an inspiring story that 1) was unknown, 2) fit with our core Duracell “Power Within” strategy and 3) (ideally) had something to do with a battery. We landed on a small yet intriguing group of stories, one of which sparked with our creative teams and resulted in a video that quickly became a phenomenon.

It was an honor to get to see the PR wave play out as our campaign garnered extensive news coverage, 22 million views, and a #4 spot on the SuperBowl Ad meter. Later that year I co-wrote the Effie for the campaign, which ended up being named a finalist.


Saatchi & Saatchi NY
2015 Effie Finalist, Bronze Cannes Lion Winner