When your brand is a sponsor of the Summer Olympics, but your brand is also one of the last things Olympians should be eating, there’s a high risk of setting off the BS alarm in social.

So we hacked the assignment, and turned our attention towards the only Olympians that truly were able to let their hair down and enjoy themselves at the Summer Olympics: Winter Olympians.

While the Summer team is putting in hard work preparing for their events, the Winter team can kick back, pick up a new hobby, and enjoy a Reese’s or twelve. Just like the rest of us.

We followed one of the biggest names in Winter Olympics, Lindsey Vonn, and watched as she threw caution to the wind, and hilariously took on the sports of the Summer Games, celebrating any success (or attempt) with a Reese’s.

The campaign included TV, OLV, an interactive Twitter/FB component, and a real time reactive program that lasted through the games.