Sharing is fun. Sharing helps me connect with others. Sharing brings us all together! If you’ve been within a chocolate box’s throw of a social sharing brief, you’ve probably heard all of these “human truths” before. But let’s be honest – sharing has another side to it. A more selfish side that sees any fruit platter, sandwich selection or box of chocolates and thinks “how am I gonna get the one I want?”.

We exposed the selfish side of sharing via our integrated “Everybody Gets Their Favourites” campaign for Cadbury Favourites. Our TVC scored in the top 1% of Australian ads on the LINK index, and upon hitting the market there was an immediate lift in sales for the Favourites brand.

Digitally, our integrated campaign lived as 12 Facebook cinemagraphs meant to drive specific Australian occasions – from Christmas to Spring Carnival to Australia Day (if you’re wondering what the last 2 are, welcome to my life as an American planner in Australia).