“Desex Me Before I Do Something Crazy”

Australians love their cats, but their assumptions on their cats’ independence had skewed how this love was acted upon. Aussies weren’t taking the right precautions in caring for them (containing, desexing, registering), and this was contributing to a massive problem for RSPCA. Each year, 35,000 cats end up in NSW shelters, many of which are left to be put down.

The truth is, cats need us more than we think. So to bring some cutthrough to an otherwise sterile message – we put our CTAs into song, with the first ever album by cats, to their owners. We even made a C side of the album for the felines themselves, composed with sounds scientifically proven to help keep cats calm. With a media budget of less than $1k, our album achieved over 80k listens in the first week, and was picked up by major music publications all across Australia.

“I Need You” Music Video

“Meow Meow”

“Get Me Registered”

“I Need You” C Side (Designed for Cats)