In a pitch process that had me running on E for about two months, I had the honor of being part of the JL team that pitched, strategically shaped, and won Volkswagen in early 2019. It was by far the biggest learning experience of my career, and it led to a launch campaign that helped re-introduce VW to the world following one of the biggest corporate scandals of the decade.

Our process included going back in time to understand what made up the fiber of the VW brand when it was at its best – most notably in the 60’s and 90’s – and then layering those attributes and tone into a modern context. The result was a thoughtful yet disruptive “clear the air” moment for the emissions scandal, followed by a brand relaunch around VW’s electric future.

When we launched our pitch-winning “Sound of Silence” brand film, the world listened, gaining a NY Times exclusive and recognition in ad, consumer, and car publications all around the world.