In a project that helped justify my largely unhealthy TV obsession (I’ve seen more seasons of “Love Island” than I care to admit), we got to work with Amazon to launch their FireTV Cube as an entirely new way to watch the shows you love.

The brief initially required a series of technical product demos - which had the potential to lead to less than bingeworthy executions. So we looked past how FireTV would benefit the people watching TV, and into how it might affect the very characters they were watching. To do this, we worked with creatives to help locate characters from across time that help could bring our “no hands” benefit to life in entertaining ways - from an armless Zombie to a Villain surrounded by consuls of hazardously confusing buttons.

The multi-media campaign ran in the US, UK, and Germany, and most importantly, allowed me to expense 1 month of my PrimeTV account as “research”. Advertising really is the gift that keeps on giving.