We launched “Change is a Team Sport” as Originals' first new brand platform in years. Launched with their iconic Superstar silhouette, along with equally iconic superstars from music, sport & fashion, our campaign went live in February 2020.

Targeted towards a new generation of youth known for their collective thinking in the face of vastly needed change, we leaned into Superstar’s heritage as a sneaker for teams and crews over time. From its advent as part of an NBA uniform, to its spread into groups in culture like Run DMC & the Beastie Boys - it’s become famous as a uniform for groups vs. a statement for individuals.

Our hero film premiered during the Grammy’s, and brought together famous faces from the creative pockets have helped gained Superstar its "team" equity. On top of this, we also worked with real changemaking teams in these creative industries to create social content & give their messages of change a larger platform.

Most excitingly, we helped to launch “team projects” all around the globe to help actively make change the worlds of music, fashion, art & sport. From tackling gender diversity in the German art scene, to giving street musicians more resources in Japan, to creating an inclusive “home” field for LGBTQI+ football teams in London - our projects will be ongoing through 2020.