When it comes to sustainability in sneakers, we noticed our competition defaulted to hyping new, sustainable styles vs evolving their classics. Pushing limited run, stylistically niche drops as “sustainable”, and getting called out by consumers in the process. But with Stan Smith, adidas was doing the opposite. They were taking one of their timeless icons, one that had been around for decades, and rebuilding it with recycled materials to help it become truly timeless. This inspired our strategy - “the shoe that never goes out of style, should live forever” and ultimately our creative platform “Stan Smith, Forever”.

To bring our campaign life, we worked with some famous “green” friends - from characters like Kermit, Yoda, and the Hulk, to real-life sustainability advocates like Yara Shahidi & Iddris Sandu. The campaign launched in March 2021 across social, online video, TV, retail, partner channels & OOH in key markets around the world, from NY to London to Shanghai.