My unhinged love for TV and my background in strategy came together in the most entertaining of ways when I got the chance to work in-house at NBC/Universal, writing positioning strategies for a host of new shows they were developing for Peacock. I had previously been freelancing on NBC via Anomaly, and it was such a great fit that I ended up freelancing in-house for NBC directly just a few months later.

My role is to position their new shows in culture (the same way you’d position a brand or product) to help inform the marketing creative (trailers, social, activations), audience, and sometimes even aspects of the content itself. To do this, I read scripts, watch rough cuts, talk with producers, and study the genres to come up with the most culturally impactful ways to talk about each of the shows. From reality TV franchises (Love Island, Real Housewives UGT), to comedies (Bupkis), to intense dramas (A Friend of the Family, The Calling), to mysteries (Poker Face), I've the strategy for 10+ shows across my time at both Anomaly and NBC.

This has probably been my favorite series of projects I’ve worked on, and I look forward to diving deeper into the world of entertainment strategy in the future.